About Us

The Texas Beefalo Association

We have set up and adopted a set of bylaws and are registered in the state of Texas
with the name of Texas Beefalo Association. We will continue as an independent entity.

The primary object of our association has been to promote the breed to those interested in raising, showing and
marketing Beefalo and be a communications center for the breed in the Texas.

We will support participation of young folks showing Beefalo at several county and regional fairs with promotional displays.

The primary purpose of TBA, continues to act as a central geographic focus for the breed in Texas, to make known the positive
characteristics of the animal itself and the products offered to the public.

TBA helps our membership as well as prospective members to understand the basic rules for raising and registering a herd of Beefalo.
We continue to provide information throughout the year to TBA members and focus on issues and prospects for the future.

We would love to get youngsters of all ages to participate in the livestock shows and learn all about beefalo grooming and showing.

You may contact Cheyrl Turner at (903)399-9119 or e-mail: texasbeefaloassn@yahoo.com.

All are welcome to join in and be a part of a great new organization.